How to Buy the Best Log Splitter

Purchasing a good quality log splitter is not as easy as it seems. There are many important points and areas to consider, if you want to end up buying a best manual wood splitter that not only functions efficiently but which also lasts over a considerable length of time.


The log splitter needs to be maintained and taken care of regularly if it is to maintain its durability and productivity. You therefore need to send in the log splitting device for servicing every once in awhile to keep it in pristine condition.


The best log splitter is a product that is accompanied by a warranty policy at the time of its purchase. The warranty should be valid for 2 to 3 years at least and should let you repair any wear and tear issues as and when these arise.

Fast Cycle Time

A good quality log splitter is one that comes with a fast cycle time. If the cycle time is 15 seconds, it is considered to be fast.

Excellent Portability

The best log splitter is characterized by great portability. It should be easy for you to transport the machine around from one place to another.

Adjustable Height

The finest log splitter features a log plate for which the height can be easily adjusted for suiting logs of different sizes. Log splitters usually come with height adjustment positions that are two to three in number at least, if not more.

Log Diameter and Length

The ideal log splitter is one that is capable of splitting up logs that are at least twenty inches in length and twelve inches in diameter. Only then will it work well for most people.

Thus, by taking the different points above into consideration, you can certainly find success in choosing the right and finest quality log splitter for yourself.